Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen Are Booted From ‘Gossip Girl’

Jessica Szohr Gossip GirlI’ll be the first to admit that Gossip Girl is a little off its rocker recently, but I like this decision. Now, I’m not normally one to root for someone’s demise or failure, but we’re talking about Gossip Girl here, so it’s kind of the name of the game and today’s result is: down with Vanessa and Little J. Thank God. Kristen Bell’s creepy, all-knowing voiceover has been getting my letters.

According to TV Line, Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen will be axed as series regulars. No, they’re probably not dying or being sent to Siberia, though that would hardly stop the characters on this show from making a return. And honestly, is anyone really that surprised? Not only are their characters THE WORST because they’ve got that whole “I’m from Brooklyn so I’m above all this drama” superiority, but as soon as everyone else is scheming, they’re sneaking around messing everything up and then feigning innocence when the truth comes out. At least Blair knows she’s evil.

Then we’ve got the fact that Momsen is hardly ever on the show as it is and she’s not exactly been quiet about wanting to focus more on her band, The Pretty Reckless, than the show. Plus, didn’t she already quit once? As for Szohr, her character already revealed that she’s going to study abroad, so there you have it. The ladies may return for a cameo here or there — you know, just to mess everything up and then skip town — but their time as the annoying pseudo-Brooklynites is over.

Source: TV Line