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15 Things TV Taught Us About Food

TV shows can teach you a lot of life lessons in the most witty and entertaining ways. One subject most of our favorite TV characters tend to embrace is food. They get the importance of it and how emotional it can actually make you. These guys understand the power food can have over you.


1. It can definitely be a turn on.


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2. There is nothing more captivating.


3. It’s a right not a privilege.


4. It’s hard to suppress your feelings over a really good meal.

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5. It’s the solution to breakups, boredom, and pretty much anything else.


6. There is only one answer to “are you going to eat it all?”


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7. Anger only heightens your cravings.


8. Your love for food is worth preserving. 


9. It should always be kept nearby.



10. It doesn’t have to be decadent to be delicious.



11. Sharing is NOT caring. 



12. Food professionals occasionally need direction.



13. It is up there with money and knowledge.



14. It’s okay to want the perfect relationship. 



15. It has the power to hurt you.

Anyone else hungry just reading this?

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