This Is The Spin-Off Series ‘Supernatural’ Fans Really Want

Supernatural fans, you may recall a few years ago they were going to attempt a Supernatural spin-off called Bloodlines? It was based on the season 9 episode of the same name. It was supposed to take place in Chicago and showcase the war between hunters and the monsters who ran the city (who were also fighting each other). Despite being met with positive ratings, the episode received a lukewarm reception from fans. It wasn’t anything new. We’ve seen hunters fighting monsters for over 10 years. Why would we care about hunters we don’t know? We’ve got Sam and Dean Winchester and we’ll stick with Supernatural as long as they’ll have us.


The show producers were barking up the wrong tree with Bloodlines. If we’re talking about Supernatural spin-offs, there is only one spin-off fans want. The life of John Winchester. Over the course of the show, we’ve gotten bits and pieces about John’s life. You learn that John wasn’t the original hunter in the family like Sam and Dean thought, his wife Mary was. But even with that, John’s story line has always been so elusive. After he died in season 2, we barely ever saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan again (still crying), but we were introduced to young-John, with the ever so charming Matt Cohen. As Supernatural gets ready to finish up it’s 11th season, with season 12 not officially confirmed, but basically known, we realize there isn’t much time left to tell the rest of John’s story. God is getting ready to make his appearance, and sadly that outshines any other story line the writer’s could possibly think of. So, why not get back to that spin-off drawing board and start work on the real story we want?


Ideally, we’d like to see the early years of John’s life with Mary. Was Mary always able to hide her hunter lifestyle from John? We know their marriage wasn’t perfect, so did their struggles come from that? Did John question why she was always keeping something from him? What were their happy times like? Dare we say it, what was it like after Mary died? What we know of John’s hunting days is limited. They began after the yellow-eyed demon killed Mary. But he killed a lot of monsters between then and his untimely death. We’d like to see how he filled up that book he left Dean. How did he meet Bobby? He became so well known in the hunter’s world, how many other hunters was he close with? How many lives did he save? Did he have an enemies? We want to see it all.


If JDM is too busy killing someone on The Walking Dead, that’s fine. We don’t need him until the last few seasons of this spin-off any how. We’re more than happy to watch this series with Matt Cohen as the lead. So long as we finally get some damn answers about John Winchester.