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Wrong Winner Crowned On ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’

Every year at the summer camp in Maine I went to, we played color war. There was the blue team and there was the brown team. I spent most of my six summers being on the brown team (the perpetually losing one), but my last summer there, I was put on the blue team. Once the team captains were chosen (always from the oldest age group), they would choose their co-captains in an elaborate ceremony where the rest of their age group would sit with their legs crossed and arms linked with their backs facing the captains. The captains would then each make a long speech about the characteristics they wanted their co-captains to have, and then they’d surprise one of the people sitting down by thrusting a little bear or elephant that symbolized the new leadership position into their laps.

So in my final year at camp, the blue team’s captain thought she was choosing one girl to be her co-captain…but unfortunately, the girl she wanted to choose had her hair in the exact same way as a girl she didn’t want to choose, and she delivered the miniature elephant into the lap of the wrong girl. None of the camp’s administrators could ever remember a captain accidentally choosing the wrong co-captain, and all of them were crazy old and made up of men who shaved their legs, so that meant it had probably never happened before. Everything was cleared up and the captain was allowed to try choosing the right co-captain again, but it was so awkward and so terrible that the camp changed the rules of the ceremony completely and never allowed another captain to choose a co-captain from behind.

Up until today, I only thought this kind of thing happened at summer camp, to girls (I omitted I attended an all girls summer camp because I kissed a boy when I was 9 and mother didn’t want me to become a FLOOZY) who were hopped up power because they were allowed to keep mac and cheese and ring pops in their bunk. But it turns out it happens in Australia, too! Sarah Murdoch, Rupert’s daughter-in-law, crowned the wrong winner on Australia’s Next Top Model. She accidentally declared Kelsey Martinovich the winner, when in reality, Amanda Ware was the winner. Important people claim a “miscommunication” meant Sarah had the wrong winner whispered into her earpiece, and the show is giving Kelsey $25,000 for making her think she won when she didn’t…which is quite interesting because the real winner (Amanda) only got $20,000 (in addition to a few contracts and a car and a magazine spread and a trip to NYC, but still)! Watch the video below to feel the discomfort of a bear trap on your head, and this would so never happen to Tyra.

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Source: Gawker

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