‘Breaking Bad’ in a Wine Glass! Check Out This Awesome Fan-Made Terrarium Tribute

Credit: FaceoftheEarth/Etsy

There are few things in human history that have approached the degree of brilliance embodied by Breaking Bad: Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Mozart’s Don Giovanni, John Stossel’s moustache. But eclipsing the quality of the lot is the above image: Etsy’s fan made Breaking Bad-themed terrarium, depicting a scene from the early desert days of the AMC series.

Smack dab in the center of the model, Walter White clings desperately to his life as his RV and meth lab crumble in metaphorical despair. The creation is, quite truly, an awesome and fittingly morbid homage to our beloved drama, which picks up for its final eight episodes on Aug. 11.

Passionate fandom can inspire some terrific works of art… and often, some frightening acts of madness. With the Breaking Bad terrarium being only the latest exposition of pop culture junkie creativity, we’ve assembled a gallery of some of Etsy’s most marvelous and maniacal pop culture-inspired innovations. Check it out!

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Credit: yourhandwriting/Etsy

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