Why We Can’t Wait for Chipotle’s New Series ‘Farmed and Dangerous’

Farmed And DangerousChipotle/ Farmed And Dangerous/YouTube

Chipotle is moving on to some seriously big things. Rather than buy out some silly little ad space during the Super Bowl, Chipotle is coming to Hulu for the takeover. Their new series Farmed and Dangerous will tell the story of fictional industrial agriculture company that literally starts feeding their cows petroleum jelly. The idea is to get folks thinking about fast food, and the practices of the sketchy (non-Chipotle-esque) corporations behind it. Check out the trailer, and you’ll see a few reasons why we’re way more excited for the February 17 premiere than we probably should be:

Ray Wise

Everybody loves and/or has experienced the awesomeness of Ray Wise. Although he’s best known for his role on Twin Peaks, this guy has been on every show you watch (Mad Men, How I Met Your M0ther, Reaper, 24)… ever. And as the bad guy on this one, we expect he’ll deliver an excellent performance.

Um, Did You See That Exploding Cow?

No, seriously. Cows exploding from petroleum-based animal pellets? Must. Watch. Now.

Robinne Lee, Who Is About to Become Kind of a Big Deal

If you’re watching Being Mary Jane (and you should most definitely be watching Being Mary Jane), you probably recognized Robinne Lee in the trailer. Now we don’t really know much about her role, but it looks like she’s sitting at the table with thosse corporate bad guys, so we’re all in.

Farmed and Dangerous hits Hulu February 17, 2014.