Fox Halts Production on J.J. Abrams’ ‘Alcatraz’ to Reshoot Episodes

AlcatrazConsidering the major world religion that has been spawned from LOST fandom, and the so-far-so-good Person of Interest, any television show headed by J.J. Abrams comes with a lot of clout. So it’s worth it to make sure that the shows are operating at maximum quality. We’ve heard a lot about Abrams’ next TV endeavor, Alcatraz, the mystery-thriller centering on supernatural goings-on in the infamous island prison (you can read our pilot review here). Alcatraz has been in production for some time, having shot seven episodes to date. Fox has decided to halt production on additional episodes of Alcatraz for a one- or two-week period in order to perform reshoots for the ones already completed.

The reshoots are likely to be approached with a “fine-tuning” sensibility—perhaps the directors and producers have developed a new aesthetic perspective for the show. Or perhaps they have come up with new elements for the story that they’d like to root in the series earliest episodes. Once the reshoots are complete, the production on the remaining six episodes of the first season will be undergone immedately.

Alcatraz stars Sarah Jones as SFPD Det. Rebecca Madsen, who investigates the mysteries of the prison. Also starring are LOST alum Jorge Garcia as Dr. Diego Soto, an academic expert on the prison, as well as an avid comic book junkie, and Sam Neill as an enigmatic government agent.

Alcatraz is still set to premiere sometime in early 2012.

Source: AOLTV