HBO Sets Christopher Guest Series Starring Chris O’Dowd: 5 Reasons Why This Rules

Christopher Guest show starring Chris O'DowdHBO has seen the light, and the light has shown them Christopher Guest

The pay-network and BBC Two just picked up Guest’s comedy series, Family Tree, which is set to star Bridesmaids‘ adorable Irish love interest Chris O’Dowd, according to Deadline. And they not only picked it up, but they’re sending it straight to series. You may call it bold, but we’re calling it brilliant. Who could waste these impeccably-assembled ingredients? Only someone who couldn’t see their incredible value, that’s who. 
Luckily, BBC Two and HBO know what they’re looking at, and so do we. Here are five reasons we’re grinning from ear to ear right about now:
1. Christopher Guest is writing/producing.
He basically pioneered the “mockumentary” movement after he starred in This is Spinal Tap and began creating his own improvised faux-documentaries like the cult hits Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and A Mighty Wind. If anyone deserves to have a TV comedy in the mockumentary style, it’s Guest.
2. Christopher Guest is also going to be on the show. 
Yes, he’s great at directing and writing these insane movies, but he’s also one of the best characters in each and every one of them. And keep in mind, these things are largely improvised – without Guest we wouldn’t have Guffman, or my personal favorite, Harlan Pepper. You could say he’s a bit of a nut.

3. Chris O’Dowd deserves to star on a good show.

The Irish actor won over the nerdiest of hearts as Roy on the British comedy The IT Crowd (alongside The Watch’s Richard Ayoade), stole America’s hearts as the sweet and incredibly forgiving Officer Rhodes in Bridesmaids, made us laugh a little more in Friends With Kids, and now, he’s washing all that good feeling away as Jemma’s creepy, yet wealthy husband (I know, I can’t either) on Girls. This man is funny. He deserves to be more than “that guy from Bridesmaids” or “the creepy rich dude on Girls.” Good on ya, HBO. 
4. BBC is involved.
Where BBC is involved, British comedy is generally involved, and if you look at HBO’s comedic slate (other than the aformentioned Lena Dunham show and Veep) they’re opening the doors to quite a bit of British comedy. Look, American-style comedy is varied and wonderful, but it’s refreshing to see the Brit-style seeing a bit of a surge in American pop culture. 
5. This is the television equivalent of a quadruple rainbow.
It seemed impossible, yet here it is: a show run by a comedic genius, starring someone we all need to see more of, backed by the free-wheeling HBO, with a tinge of Britishness. This. is. incredible. 
Are you bloody excited or what?
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