Is Mercedes Getting a Boyfriend on ‘Glee?’

MercedesGlee’s belting songstress, Mercedes (Amber Riley), may have lost her chance at happiness with Trouty Mouth (Chord Overstreet, and yes, we know his real character name is Sam) thanks to Overstreet’s premature departure from the series, but it seems the writers are ready to give her another shot, this time with a former football star. Okay, a former high school football star on TV, but just go with it.

LaMarcus Tinker, who played a linebacker on Friday Night Lights, is now switching gears to play a linebacker on Glee with the hots for the glee club’s most powerful voice. Tinker will stretch himself a bit further, dropping the “La” on his name to play a character simply named Marcus. While I’m sure fans will be happy to see Mercedes on the arm of another football player next season, one can’t help but wonder how they’ll explain why she hopped from the blondie to the new guy.

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Source: THR