Jeff Ross Says Charlie Sheen’s Roast Is A ‘Comedy Intervention’

charlie sheen major doucheholeCharlie Sheen‘s finally getting an intervention- a comedy intervention, that is. The Hollywood “bad boy” isn’t getting Roasted until Sept. 19, but “roastmaster general” Jeff Ross is already giving us a taste of the barbecue to come.

“These roasts are often therapeutic for a person,” Ross said, in an interview with EW. “These are things he needs to hear…I see this as a comedy intervention.” Ross also hinted about the “long list” of people from Sheen’s past, who might come back looking for revenge. “I think people are going to be blown away by the line up,” he replied “There has been interest from very surprising people.” Ross remained coy on the topic of Sheen’s family members; while it’s unlikely that Martin Sheen would stop by to mock his son’s downfall, brother Emilio Estevez might be more obliging.

Who could these “surprising” guests be? How about Brittany Ashland, the ex-girlfriend who Sheen attacked and beat in 1997, where he was convicted of misdemeanor assault? Or Denise Richards, the mother of his children, who divorced him after alleging that he was also physically abusing her? Or Kelly Preston, his former fiance who he shot in the arm? Or maybe roastmaster Seth Macfarlane will just make some lame jokes about tiger blood.

Ross reported that Charlie Sheen’s Roast “is the first step of what you could call a comeback.” Can’t wait for that. Who doesn’t like watching train wrecks?

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