The Dos and Don’ts of Dating from ‘The Mindy Project’: When You’re...

The Dos and Don’ts of Dating from ‘The Mindy Project’: When You’re Doing It All

The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina

Well gang, I think we can all agree on one thing: Mindy is the only one who can make anything happen on this show. How do the gang on The Mindy Project brush their hair, tie their shoes, or even wipe their asses without her? She mends friendships, revokes (and then gets back) a woman’s new apartment lease, stops illegal medical practices, and even fixes grandma’s pill box — and that’s just during a seemingly innocuous 22-minute day! Is Mindy Lahiri’s a story that of a superhero-modern-girl hybrid? I’m admittedly a little bit exhausted for her.

But of course our fair Mindy is a 30-something single woman if this is her life: she has no time to date when she’s got her hands in all of the pies. Which reminds me! Ellie Kemper is here, and she’s brought the baked goods. Oh yeah, and she’s also trying to move into Mindy’s apartment building (Single White Female, much?). Yep, that would be Josh’s other girlfriend Heather (one of many, it seems). And while it started bad (Mindy lied, Heather threw a cake in Mindy’s face), it ended neatly tied in a bow. Everything’s great with everyone! Huzzah.

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And while we did see a new man in Mindy’s life, theirs was a romance left in the past. Namely with Danny’s friend Stevie (or Steven, as Mindy knew him) — also the guy that Danny was prescribing painkillers to on the DL. Uh, illegal much? Yep! Which is exactly the reason Mindy suggested that s**t needed to see itself right the f**k out of Schulman and Associates, something Danny agreed he would end.

So color the practice surprised upon finding out the froyo date ass-grabber’s true identity! When Danny makes Min hip to this notion, she rightfully freaks out (wouldn’t you second that emotion?) and demands swift justice: a call to the cops. Only…Danny’s not so into that because he hasn’t really actually told Stevie he’d been cut off yet (even though he promised). Enter Super-Mindy once more. Off the duo go (with a seasick Morgan in tow, for physical comedy’s sake) over the river and through the streets thick with oohmahgawhuds and ahrehytmaahms.

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1. Do Make Peace With Your Enemies: Apologize for all of the kerfuffles.

2. Do Not Eat A Humble (And Potentially The Help-style) Pie: Unless it’s razzleberry. In that case all bets are off.

3. Do Set The Mood With Music: Gotta make the people comfortable with some age-appropriate tunes.

4. Do Intervene When Times Are Low: Interventions show you care! 

5. Do Not Serve Wine At An Intervention: This is more of a life rule.

6. Do Not Wear Michael Jordan Cologne: Not a good look, olfactory-wise.

7. Do Not Accept Dates From Random Strangers That Insult You and Give You Crap For Your Life Choices: This is a big one, actually.

8. Do Make Sure The Ambiance Is Right: You don’t just break drug news over pizza. Never tarnish pizza.

10. Do Not Stay In A Relationship If It’s Wrong: Everyone deserves love. Maybe even ticket scalpers (even though — and you should always remember this one, guys— ticket scalpers: you’re the worst).

11. Do Protect Your Former Lover’s Honor (If They’re Worthy of It): Even if that means telling a personality-sound-seeming lie to your parents.

12. Do Make An Incredibly Timely Tilda Swinton Joke: True story, Mindy Project, I guffawed at the Lady Liberty/Tilda comparison. That was either done with a nutso turnaround, or was epically well-timed.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Mindy Project? Let us know in the comments!

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