‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Qetsiyah Is Alive!

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In case you spent your night yelling and sputtering in front of your TV, don’t worry, you’re not alone. So far this season, The Vampire Diaries has pulled out all the stops and managed to surprise me at every turn. In just last night’s episode alone we got a history lesson set in ancient Greece, unlocked a very hungry Stefan, and learned some more doppelgänger stuff that will (probably) ruin the long awaited Delena relationship (yes, I’m crying too). Here are the highlights of TVD‘s third episode “Original Sin.”

Stefan resurfaces: The first, but weirdly not most important, event that happened last night was the unearthing of Stefan from the bottom of the lake (river, quarry?). Sheriff Forbes had her deputies bring the safe out and called Damon and Elena to come open it. But instead of finding Stefan, they unlock it to find a dead man that Stefan fed on… which, let’s be honest, we can’t exactly blame him for, as he was starving down there for three months. As Damon and Elena realize he is on the run and probably hurting people (is his humanity switch on or off!?), they look for ways to find him, but can’t figure out where he would go. 

Elena dreams of Stefan: The next morning, in the Salavtore house, Elena shoots out of bed after having a vivid dream of Stefan walking out of a bar and into the sunlight where he instantly shoots into flames. Damon, who is a bit annoyed with his girlfriend’s continuing dreams of her ex, is forced to agree that they should look for the bar after Katherine walks into the room claiming to have had the same dream. Katherine, of course, manages to piss off Elena when she claims that the only reason they are having these dreams is because they both love Stefan (gasp!). She’s also joining them on their ‘search for Stefan’ roadtrip.

The Matt/Nadia/Silas/Katherine debacle: We then cut to Silas who has a chat with Nadia where he asks her to prove her loyalty by making sure Matt Donovan is actually dead. But Nadia has her own agenda, and when she catches up with Matt she somehow summons Gregor through Matt’s body, and says she will figure out a way to keep him around permanently. Oh, and she also apologizes for killing him, saying she needed Silas’s trust for her plan to get Katherine (a plan that we still don’t fully understand).

The Qetsiyah reveal: Now comes the scene full of shockers. When we next see Stefan, he is in a house with a beautiful mystery woman who explains that she saved him from the sun, as well as unlocking him from the safe. She then gives Stefan a brief history lesson on his doppelgänger Silas, and his human(ish) life in ancient Greece. There was once a time where Silas was just a traveler (not really sure what these guys are yet) who convinced another traveler, Qetsiyah, that he was in love with her and she should create an immortality spell so they can live together forever. BUT, it’s later revealed that Qetsiyah wasn’t his true love, and he just manipulated her so he could use the potion for himself and his love, the handmaiden, Amara…. A.K.A. the original Petrova doppelgänger! (Got that? Amara is the original Elena and Silas is the original Stefan). The betrayed and angry Quetsiyah then creates the cure in order to get revenge and kill Amara. She also creates a cure for Silas that, when he takes it, won’t kill him, but would instead trap him in limbo with Qetsiyah for eternity (Obviously, this didn’t happen. Silas is a stubborn b***ard, I’ll give him that). And finally…. it’s revealed that the mystery woman telling the story is actually Qetsiyah! She came back after Bonnie lowered the veil so she could finish the plan she started 2,000 years ago. Side note: she calls herself Tessa now because Qetsiyah is just too “old-timey” (and too hard to type). 

A spell and a destiny speech: At the bar that Damon, Katherine and Elena finally find, the trio is digging for answers about Stefan when Nadia enters and has a little tiff with Katherine that forces the group to split up. Katherine and Elena run to the woods where Nadia eventually snags Katherine and drags her to the car. However, an angry Silas shows up and compels the deceitful Nadia to point the gun at herself. But, just before he forces her to shoot herself, Silas crumbles to the ground holding his head in pain. We then flash to Damon, who has found Stefan bound to a chair, where Tessa is doing some witchy spell that will combine Silas and Stefan’s minds so that she can take away Silas’s ability to mind control everyone. When Tessa is done, Silas’s brain is fried… but it looks like Stefan’s is too. Afterwards, Tessa reveals to Damon that she has been watching doppelgängers for 2,000 years and destiny always forces them together, basically telling Damon that he has no hope with Elena. 

The cliffhanger (because TVD always has a cliffhanger): In the final five minutes we get two huge shockers and one adorable Damon declaration. The first bombshell is revealed when the now average vampire Silas talks with Nadia and they both come to the conclusion that they want the same thing: Katherine. Why? Because Katherine’s blood is the cure! Without giving us a moment to take that in, we shoot back to the Salvatore house where Damon and Elena are waiting for Stefan to wake up from his witch induced slumber. While Elena watches him, she asks Damon what Tessa said to him. Damon explains that the universe is against them and that destiny will basically ruin their relationship, but that he would not let destiny keep him away “because you (Elena) are my life.” Aw, Damon! But, before the two could kiss it out, Stefan wakes up, effectively ruining the moment. As Damon and Elena welcome him back, he apologizes and says “I have no idea who you people are.” Fade out.

Um, wait, what!? These story lines just keep getting crazier and crazier, but I’m loving it! This episode changed my mind about a lot of things. For one, it made me like Silas a little bit – I mean, all he really wanted was eternity with his true love. And Damon has come such a long way, don’t you think? He’s now willing to fight for Elena, even if it means going up against the universe and/or the new and rebooted Stefan. Of course I have about a million more questions, like will Tessa stick around and finish off Silas? Will Katherine’s blood be able to turn more than one person human? Is Nadia going to turn Matt into Gregor (please, no!)? And finally, will Stefan and Elena fall back in love now that their messy history is no longer remembered? Guess we’ll just have to tune in next week to get our answers (and probably some more questions). 

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