‘Two and a Half Man’ On Hiatus While Charlie Sheen Goes to Rehab

Charlie SheenThe jig is up. Charlie Sheen’s been trying to convince everyone that he’s just fine. Right, because locking people in the closet and starting “porn families” are definitely things that normal, sober, drug-free people do. Now we know our concerns were on the money because the thing fans have feared has become a reality. Two and a Half Men is forced to go on an immediate production hiatus after Sheen’s day-long hospital visit has forced him into rehab.

Warner Bros. and CBS have been trying to convince Sheen to enter rehab, but he refused. They were also unable to shut down production without a legitimate reason, and now they’ve got one. The show has already filmed 16 of its 24 episode order and 14 of those episodes have aired, we’re not clear on what this hiatus will hold for the rest of the season. Even so, it’s not that new to the show’s producers; Two and a Half Men endured a brief shutdown last season after Sheen entered rehab after his domestic violence charges. Fans should rest easy for now because this is nothing they haven’t dealt with before, and Sheen is locked down in a two-year contract. I’m sure he’ll be back to womanizing and living like a playboy on the small screen as soon as he’s worked through his rehabilitation program.

Source: Deadline