Update: Watch 5 Minutes of MTV’s ‘True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street’

True Life MTVUpdate: We now have a preview clip that includes five minutes of the MTV Occupy Wall Street Special. Watch it at the bottom of this post.  

Earlier: We reported earlier that MTV was seeking out a few good Occupy Wall Streeters to be featured on their uncannily old reality series, The Real World. It seems that while MTV was seeking protestors for some camera action, they were hoping for something a little more real than Real World; they followed a few folks for True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street.

So, instead of following around a group of protestors and feeding them alcohol, putting them up in lavish digs, and shoving them into the darkest, smoke-machine-infested clubs they can find, MTV made their subjects the center of their long-lived docu-series, which is probably a more appropriate use of their time. The special will air on Nov. 5 and we’ll take a look into the lives of college kids Kait and Caitlin as well as a Zucotti Park sanitation worker, Bryan. We’ve seen plenty of disturbing and moving footage on True Life, so there’s no doubt MTV will make use of reports we’ve seen throughout the occupation — like the one which pointed out how people are consummating their love and lust in the tent city.

The only thing that I’m wondering is if there’s any more information for us to absorb from the protests. They’ve been the sole focus of every news organization, blog and many a Twitter feed for the past month. Will the MTV program shed more light on the situation or simply feed the media obsession?

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Source: Daily Intel, Deadline