Why ‘The League’ Is Awesome

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One of the most laugh-out loud shows is back on the air. I’m talking about The League. It’s definitely a show for adults, so make sure the kids are asleep or you run the risk of having to explain certain bodily functions a long time before you were ready to.

The premise of the show is simple: A group of friends who play fantasy football together navigate life’s weird situations.The cast of characters include an overly-laid back guy who is still searching for love, a husband and wife who go to great lengths to beat each other in fantasy football, a lawyer who has a wife who is way out of his *ahem* league, a dermatologist who has huge self-esteem issues and a stoner.

Pro athletes often make cameos on the show. For instance, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his wife, Kristen Cavallari, have appeared this season to continue a storyline from last year. Previous guests have included Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and several Dallas players. Non-athlete guest stars have included Seth Rogen, who plays a porn director. Andy Roddick’s wife, swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, even had a recurring role. Yes, I told you: Make sure the little ones are in bed before watching.

What I love about the series is that it’s semi-scripted with a ton of it being ad-libbed. That lends an authenticity to the conversations, rather than a scripted feel. I’m also a huge fantasy football player, but the show doesn’t pander only to that crowd. There’s plenty of scenarios that revolve around real life and the happenings of families. There are a ton of ‘No…they didn’t!’ moments. The actors themselves aren’t that well-known, though Katie Aselton did star in Black Rock, a horror film, last summer and Nick Kroll has his own show on Comedy Central. You don’t feel like any particular one eclipses the other, though.

Definitely add this one to your starting lineup.

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