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How Do You Measure Up? ‘The Hobbit’ Height Chart 


Bilbo! Bilbo! Bilbo Baggins, only three feet tall. Bilbo! Bilbo! Bilbo Baggins, the bravest little hobbit of them all! 

Now that we’ve mastered the tricky language of Middle-earth and learned how to remember which hobbit is which just in time for the release of Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit, in theaters Friday, it’s time to brush up on the varying heights (yes, they vary) of Tolkien’s inventions. Bilbo (played by Martin Freeman), as Leonard Nimoy so wonderfully helped us remember through song, is only three feet tall. But what about the others who put the “bit” in hobbit?

This Tolkien fansite puts eleven of the thirteen dwarves between four-and-a-half and five feet, while Thorin (Richard Armitage) aka “the tall dwarf” is estimated at 5′ 2″. This got us thinking, who else in Hollywood could join the hobbits and dwarves along on their travels?

Jersey Shore star Snooki is a very hobbit-like 4 ‘8″, while actress Kristen Bell could easily go on an Unexpected Journey at just 5′ 1″. Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe could cross franchise boundaries as he stands at 5 ‘5″ and Tom Cruise, who could add some more star power, is just 5′ 7″. Check out our Hobbit height chart line-up below.

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ALT[Photo credit: Wenn (4); Warner Bros]


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