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‘Entourage’ Season Four: Ep. 50 “Gary’s Desk”

Eric has finally found an office to call his own, far from the distraction of Turtle blowing bong hits in his face while he’s trying to read scripts. E is excited about the prospect of some solitude and looks forward to the independence from Vince and the guys—only problem is, his office is a complete dive in a shady neighborhood. Vince, Turtle and Drama give E a good ribbing about his new digs before heading off and leaving him to his work. High in priority on the day’s to-do list for E: Call Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson about a new videogame endeavor of his.

Things are much more exciting Ari’s office, as Mary J. Blige is set to arrive for her annual “Make me understand what I pay you for” meeting. And Ari isn’t even close to fazed when his employee, Jim Jensen, demands his twin brother, Jeff, be fired, but as is usually the case, it comes back to bite him.

Meanwhile, the three guys, now separated from workingman Eric, are on a mission to cheer up their little friend—and cost is not an issue. Having left E at a desk barely large enough for a chair, they find a more suitable one (and a striking saleswoman with an eye for Vince), once given to Robert De Niro as a gift from Martin Scorsese. At a mere $42,000, Vince doesn’t blink before making the purchase. There’s just one problem: Somebody already reserved the desk. OK, two problems: That person is Gary Busey. That’s right, crazy Gary returns!

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Back at Ari’s, things are about to get ugly. After Ari hangs up with E, whom he makes fun of for not being able to get in direct contact with Peter Jackson, the Jensen situation reemerges. Everybody is huddled in the conference room when the twin-brother agents have a shouting match, which swiftly turns into an all-out fistfight. Ari storms out, but ever an opportunist, plans to turn the sibling rivalry into a reality show.

Vince, Turtle and Drama arrive at Busey’s house prepared to write a check for the antique desk. Of course, nothing is ever that cut-and-dry with Busey. Instead of money, Busey wants to paint…on Johnny Drama. Drama gives in, all for the sake of his good buddy E, who is having his own trouble after trying to get his name out there as Vince’s manager. Seems nobody will take him seriously–especially with Ari being listed as his only representative.

Speaking of Ari, he hammers out the Jensen dilemma by firing Jim, the lower earner of the two. With that squared away, Mary J. is due to walk in at any moment and the whole office is abuzz with anticipation, especially Lloyd. She arrives, but before long the excitement goes limp. Not only did Mary J. know who Jim Jensen was, she actually enjoyed a personal rapport with him and immediately notices his absence. The meeting eventually ends on a sour note, only to turn downright acrid when Mary J. leaves, bumps into recently fired Jim Jensen, and bolts for rival agency ICM.

But where there’s bad for Ari, there’s good for Eric just around the corner. After the boys are unable to get the newly acquired desk (via Gary Busey) to E’s tiny office, Vince buys him a new, chic office—with neighboring ones for the rest of the gang, so E never gets too lonely. Even better: Peter Jackson calls E directly to voice his hatred for Ari and his intention to meet with E when he gets to the States. Suddenly, it looks like E may require an even bigger office—and Peter Jackson may be this season’s James Cameron!

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