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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 8 “Four Months Ago…”

Peter is in Montreal, yelling for Kaitlin when Adam (aka Kensei) steps in. He asks Peter if he remembers him, but Peter has no clue. Apparently, The Haitian has taken liberties of Peter’s memory. Ah, so that explains it. Adam then says Peter has the power to heal his memory, if he only thinks of things that matter most to him. Looking at a picture of himself and Nathan, Peter starts to remember.

Flashback to four months ago: It’s the moment in the plaza where Peter is about to go nuclear. Nathan grabs him and they shoot off into space. As they are zooming upward, Nathan is holding onto Peter for dear life but his body is starting to burn from the nuclear effects. Peter begs him to let go, until Nathan can’t take it anymore and lets go. Peter explodes but as Nathan is falling, Peter flies in to save him. Later, Peter rushes Nathan to the hospital. But he doesn’t stay and walks out, only to run into Elle and Bob. Elle blasts him with her electricity and knocks him out.

Also at the hospital are Nikki and Micah, who are waiting for D.L. to come out of surgery. The doctor comes out and says the bullet wound managed to exit out, so D.L. is going to be O.K. So D.L. didn’t die from the gunshot wound then. How does he die then? More on that later.

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In some South American country, we see what the black-goo twins were doing four months ago. Alejandro is getting married to a girl he has only known for four months, and Maya is less than happy with his decision. Then later Maya catches the new bride kissing her old boyfriend. The guy tries to shut Maya up, but the black goo pours out, killing the ex-boyfriend, the bride and pretty much everyone at the wedding. Maya is flipping out, to say the least, since it seems to be the first time she’s ever used her, er, ability. Alejandro is the only one left alive, and they both have don’t know what happened. He obviously doesn’t yet realize he is the yang to her ying.

Angela goes to see a very crispy Nathan in the hospital. To them, Peter is missing, which upsets Nathan very much. And in D.L.’s room, he’s feeling better. Micah and Nikki are very happy to have him alive, but Nikki confesses to the hospital administration she doesn’t have any insurance. She’s told it’s all been paid for–by Bob, who shows up at that precise moment. He tell her about the be-all, end-all cure in curbing those dangerous abilities. Nikki says she has finally gotten Jessica under control, but Bob says there might be more personalities. In order to take advantage, and get the best care available, Nikki has to leave her family and enter the program. She wants to try to take the medication at home, but Bob warns her there might be consequences.

Peter wakes up in the Company’s facility, with Elle stroking his head. “He’s not a toy, Elle,” Bob says. “He could be,” she calmly replies. Peter looks at her like she’s a nutcase. Bob explains to Peter he is an old friend of his parents, and that he knows what has happened to Nathan. Peter says he wishes he could turn his powers off, and Bob preaches the cure to him as well. They put Peter on a cocktail of what they call “Haitian pills” to stop his powers, but he has to stay in the facility.

Then there is Elle, who looks to be bored out of her mind. In fact, she gets her kicks shocking people, which she does with Peter. “You’ll get used to it and then you’ll start to like it,” Elle intonates. But once she leaves, a voice from the next room speaks. It’s Adam. He introduces himself and tells Peter they have been trying to perfect the cure for the last 30 years, as long as Adam has been cooped up there.

Three months ago: It’s Micah’s 11th birthday. He is trying to convince his parents to become superheroes, like the Fantastic Four, but D.L. is going to be a real hero by becoming a firefighter. Nikki, however, is really depressed because of the medication. D.L. explains they are just leveling out, but Nikki can’t stand feeling like this. She dumps the pills down the drain. Uh-oh. What next?

Two months ago: Elle loves to play the whole sadistic electricity thing with Peter, and he’s getting a little tired of it. “I liked you better when you just laid there,” she pouts. Peter finally asks what her deal is. She tells him she’s lived in the building for 16 years since the shrinks diagnosed her as a sociopath with paranoid delusions, but she add, “There were just out to get me cause I threatened to kill them.” She says she’s 24-years-old and has never been on a date. Lucky for Peter.

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As soon as Elle leaves, Adam chimes in: “Word to the wise, friend, I would keep my distance from that one.” You think? Guess Adam had a run in with her, too. Peter is starting to accept his current situation since the Company is supposedly helping them. But Adam begs to differ. He doesn’t think they aren’t in a facility but in a prison–and Bob isn’t trying to cure them. Peter looks around and starts to believe Adam. Then Adam says that just a small amount of his blood could help heal Nathan. That does it. Peter wants to escape.

Back at the hospital, Nathan is visited by his wife, Heidi when Angela walks in. Nathan has told her everything, about being able to fly, Peter being a bomb, etc. Heidi doesn’t know what to believe, of course, but Angela pulls her outside of the room and tells her there’s a deep dark secret in the Petrelli family, mental instability, and now it’s affecting Nathan. Can Heidi keep the secret? Very nice, Mama Petrelli. Blame it on being insanity.

Meanwhile, Nikki is starting a new job as a car salesman. But just when she’s about to leave the house, a new personality emerges: Gina. She’s a flirt who likes going to L.A. to play. Nikki tells Gina if she can handle Jessica, she can handle her. “Then why aren’t you taking your meds?,” Gina asks. Suddenly, she takes over and locks Nikki out. Oh, that’s perfect.

One month ago: Peter’s still in the facility, but he’s stop taking the medication and he and Adam escape. Meanwhile, Maya has joined a convent because of the something evil in her. Alejandro shows up to bring her home, along with the police. But as they try to force her, she goes black gooey again. This time, Alejandro grabs her hands and he starts to absorb her bad mojo. It freaks him out and he lets go, so everyone around still dies, but it’s enough to convince him they’ve got to the out there–stat.

Gina/Nikki is in L.A. at a club, rubbing up against some guy. D.L. finds her and makes her remember who she is. But in the process, D.L. pisses off the guy she was dancing with–so he shoots D.L. right next to Nikki. Bye, bye D.L.

Three weeks ago: At D.L.’s funeral–the New Orleans family is there, Monica et. Al.. And so is Bob. Meanwhile, Adam and Peter go see Nathan and Adam gives him some of his blood. It starts working right away. But they have to run away when Elle shows up with the Haitian, shooting electricity left and right. Before they go their separate ways, Adam tells Peter to meet him at the warehouse in Montreal. Peter runs off, being chased by the Haitian; they end up fighting in a large crate, but the Haitian isn’t there to recapture Peter. He wants to help, so he erases Peter’s memory, to get a clean start, and leaves him in the crate to be shipped off to Ireland. We know what happens next.

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Present day: Maya and Sylar are driving in the car; Nikki leaves the facility as Bob watches ominously; Nathan stands in front of the Irish bar looking for Peter; and Peter remembers everything. Adam is there, too. “Shall we save the world then?” Peter nods.

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