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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 16

“The Whole Truth”

So…it looks like Sun is pregnant. But she doesn’t look entirely happy about it.

We flashback when she is learning English from Jae Lee. Remember, he’s the rich son of a hotel owner who connected with Sun back in season one but who left to be with his love in America. Apparently, it didn’t work out and now he’s back, teaching Sun English so she can leave Jin and go to the States. Except he’d really like her to stay in Korea with him–but that’s another story.

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Also in the flashback, Jin really wants to have a baby. He thinks it’ll make things better and get Sun’s father off his back. But they aren’t having any luck conceiving. Jin suggests that they visit a fertility specialist. The specialist tells them that Sun has endometriosis and that their chances of conceiving are impossible, news that clearly upsets Jin more than it does Sun.

Back on the island, Sun finally tells Jin that she’s pregnant and he reacts with pure joy. But Sun has one last thing to tell Jin–in the final flashback we learn that the doctor lied to Sun and Jin out of fear, assigning the problem to Sun when in fact it is Jin who is sterile. Oops.

Sun swears to Jin that she has never been with another man. Jin accepts her word and declares that the pregnancy must be a miracle. Tears of joy roll down his face, but the look on Sun’s face tells us that we can’t be entirely sure we’ve heard the whole truth.

Meanwhile, the captive Henry continues to be a problem. Locke wants him out and finally goes to Ana Lucia to see if maybe she could interrogate him, since she’s a cop and all–and has had experience with those pesky Others. Of course, Locke does this against Jack’s better wishes, but as Ana Lucia points out, “Jack and Locke are too concerned about Locke and Jack.”

Thing is, Locke was right to go to Ana Lucia. She earns Henry’s trust and gets him to draw her a map to the location of his alleged balloon crash. Without telling Jack and Locke she has the map, she goes straight to Sayid–and Charlie, who just happens to be there at the time–to enlist their help in searching for the balloon. She realizes Sayid has just as much invested in finding out the truth than anyone else.

Back in the hatch, however, Jack lets Henry out–to have some cereal–and he proceeds to tell Jack and Locke about the map he drew for Ana Lucia and that if he really were one of the Others, he could have just sent them into a trap. Then he calmly asks for some milk.

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Come on, how could he NOT be one of the Others?

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