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Saturday: ‘Vinegar Hill’

[IMG:L]Vinegar Hill — 8/7c on CBS

Chances are if you’re home on a Saturday night, you’re probably watching a DVD or all the season finales from the past week that have been clogging up your TiVo.

But if you’re looking to stray from the norm and actually watch live TV on a Saturday evening–network TV, no less!–you could probably do a lot worse than CBS’ Vinegar Hill.

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It’s a movie of the week (aka MOW), sure, but Mary-Louise Parker should be able to bring down the obligatory cheese factor that typically accompanies made-for-TV movies.

The Weeds star plays a financially strapped schoolteacher who is forced to relocate to her husband’s (Tim Guinee) family’s farm. Bad move. Everything goes awry and she finds a little more than she wanted to know about the in-laws.

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