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Tuesday: ‘American Idol’

[IMG:L]American Idol — 8/7c on Fox

Final Four alert!

Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro, David Cook and David Archuleta are the only ones left on American Idol–that is, until May 21, when damn near everyone returns for the finale extravaganza.

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For now, all eyes are on the aforementioned foursome, who have a little bit of an easier, looser theme this week than last week’s Neil Diamond motif.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gets the Idol treatment tonight, which is to say contestants must choose songs that shaped R ‘n’ R.

Easy for someone like David Cook, sure, but mellow fellow Jason Castro might have trouble getting amped up for such a theme.

Even Syesha Cook, a bottom-three fixture over the past two months, will rock much harder than Castro.

Unfortunately for her, voters appear to be positively smitten with the less-talented Castro.

Which could finally mean bye, bye, Sy (sigh).

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