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‘Joker’ Sequel: Joaquin Phoenix Will Return As Infamous Villian

Let the clowning begin. Joker director Todd Phillips teased a series of photos on Instagram that hinted at an upcoming sequel to the 2019 movie. Here is everything we know so far about the new Joker film.

Todd Phillips included a glimpse of the new Joker script.

In his surprise Instagram post, Todd Phillips shared a photo of a red script, with the title Joker Folie à Deux. In the second image, Joaquin Phoenix can be seen reading what it looks like to be the script.


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What is the plot of the sequel?

While there has been no further information on the film, the title in french means: “madness for two.” Does that mean that there will be 2 main characters in this film? We could maybe see Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn partner with the Joker to create madness for Gotham City.

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In the first movie, we saw the backstory of the supervillain, originally named Arthur Fleck. Living alone as a struggling comedian, Arthur strived for connection but was lost by the world around him. His solitude and bullying by those around him eventually drive him to madness. From there the Joker is formed.

However they decide to go about this sequel, we’ll probably see him wreak havoc on the city that never welcomed him. Will Batman also make an appearance? Time can only tell.

Fans react to new Joker film

After the news surfaced on social media, superhero lovers shared their thoughts.

Some fans are pumped for this sequel.

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Others are a little hesitant about it.

And certain people are theorizing what characters or plots could be included.

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What are your thoughts on the new Joker movie? Will you be seeing it when it eventually hits theaters? Let us know on Twitter!

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