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Last Minute Halloween Costumes: A Movie In Theaters Edition

A Movie In Theaters Halloween Costume

Struggling to find the perfect costume this Halloween? Are the vampire, witch, and cat costumes boring you this season? Why not try dressing up like a movie character? With all the movies in theaters now, you’ll find iconic ideas that will sure help you stick out. Here are some of our picks for last minute Halloween costumes based on a movie in theaters.

Pearl from Pearl 

In the Pearl film, we follow the deadly protagonist (Mia Goth) during her younger years as she battles sexual desires and dreams of making it big. Pearl is the perfect combination of scary and sweet. While she has a youngish look to her, Pearl wreaks killer havoc to get what she wants.

You could go for Pearl’s every day outfit like her blue overalls accompanied by a light blue shirt.

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pearl movie- mia goth
A movie still from ‘Pearl’ starring Mia Goth./ CREDIT: Christopher Moss

Or, you could wear her show stopping long red that she performs in.

There’s the ballet like dress she wears during the dance scene.

movies in theaters- pearl
Mia Goth in ‘Pearl.’/ CREDIT: Christopher Moss

Whichever outfit you choose of Pearl’s, make sure to wear the milkmaid-like braids and carry around a pitchfork or axe. With Pearl being talked about all over social media, this movie in theaters costume is sure to be a hit.

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The crocodile from Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

This one is sure to be a great costume for kids or just for laughs. In Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, a fun-loving singing crocodile (Shawn Mendes) meets the Primm family who moves into a NYC brownstone.

lyle lyle crocodile- shawn mendes
Lyle takes a bath in Columbia Pictures LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE./ CREDIT: Courtesy of Sony Pictures © 2022 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

You can go full out with a zip up crocodile suit or try out a cute crocodile onesie.

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Looking for something else? Wear an all green outfit and tape some paper or plastic scales on your back.


An aviator pilot from Top Gun: Maverick

As one of the most popular movies this year, a Top Gun costume is sure to be a hit. You can embody the likes of Tom Cruise‘s Pete Maverick, Miles Teller’s Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw or even Lady Gaga’s take on a pilot in her music video.

Buy your own flight suit on any Halloween website or buy the classic aviator pilot jacket and pair it with jeans. Make sure to have the black aviator sunglasses.


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Alice and Jack from Don’t Worry Darling

Need a couples costume? Try the picture perfect but sinister Alice and Jack from Don’t Worry DarlingAlice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles) live a content life in a 1950’s community. What happens when Alice begins questioning things?

For Alice, you could go with any 1950’s styled dress. If you’re looking to fit the part perfectly though, try the classic white dress with straps. Throw your hair half up half down with a bow and you’re set.

@laurenmaykirkland Alice Chambers: Don’t Worry Darling tutorial 🎬 (!fake blood!) #halloweencostume2022 #halloweeninspo #dontworrydarling #florencepugh #alicechambers #fyp ♬ With You All the Time (from “Don’t Worry Darling”) – Alice and Jack

For Jack, wear a classic black tie suit and gel your hair to its content. You and your partner will look flawless together.


Or Florence Pugh at the Venice premiere for Don’t Worry Darling

Maybe you’re doing a costume alone, or you’re not feeling the 1950’s look. Don’t you worry darling. Why not go for something that says a little social commentary on pop culture? Try out Florence Pugh’s iconic purple set during the time of the Don’t Worry Darling premiere. Act completely unbothered as you skip your own press conference for your film.

You’ll need purple everything. Purple shorts, a purple crop top, a purple button down, and purple shoes. Walk with a Aeperol Spritz in hand and you’ll be the coolest costume around. This will sure be a hit for all the pop culture fiends who love talking about the movie in theaters now.

A minion from Minions: The Rise of Gru

We can’t get enough of these adorable creatures ever since the release of Minions: The Rise of GruJoin Gru (Steve Carrell) as a young boy who attempts to join the supervillain group, The Vicious 6, but things take a turn for the worst.

To perfect the ultimate Minions costume, grab a yellow shirt, blue overalls, real or fake glasses or goggles, and a yellow beanie.

If you have a pet at home, let them have the minion fun!

David Bowie from Moonage Daydream

The one and only Ziggy Stardust is not a costume for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, and good makeup skills. To celebrate the life and legacy of David Bowie, get as eccentric as you can with this costume.

Wear a bedazzled or striped jumpsuit you might only be able to find at special thrift stores or Halloween stores. Put on an orange colored wig, paint on out of this world makeup, and you’re good to go!


Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, or a final girl from Halloween Ends

To mark the end of another Halloween era, and the possible beginning of another, be your best serial killer or final girl this Halloween. Looking to be scary? Try on Michael Myers’ face mask. If you want to go full out, you can pair it with a gray like jumpsuit, but the mask will give you enough notoriety.

Want to be the hero? Be the final girl of your own story. All you’ll need to look like Laurie Strode is a blue button down, blue jeans, and a fake plastic knife. The essence of a final girl is how you act, not how you look. Hopefully, you’ll only be battling looks on Halloween, not actual serial killers.