Fans Finally Found Out What Tracy Is In Teen Wolf’s “Dreamcatchers”


Teen Wolf fans know better than to trust strangers in Beacon Hills. If only our favorite werewolves knew better. After watching last week’s “Parasomnia”, we all were shouting at Scott from our couches to LISTEN TO STILES. Spoiler alert: he didn’t. If last week’s eppy and this week’s “Dreamcatchers” is anything to go by, it looks like Theo is pretty crazy. But who will be the bigger problem for the BH crew this season…Theo or Tracy?

Missed last week’s episode Parasomnia? Read the Tweetcap now!

Like with every episode, people were thrilled/excited/panicked for the episode to start:

People didn’t think the Sheriff was being very subtle about his date:

People were not feeling this douche Donovan threatening our Sheriff:

The car scene had people like:

And it had people wondering WTF was going on with Tracy:

People were more than a little concerned about Malia’s driving:

People have caught on to the theme of Lydia in cars:

Everyone loved it when Scott showed off his wolfy skills, because he’s the best:

15 minutes in and Theo was already being shady as hell:

People were loving Mason as the group’s newest addition:

With all this Tracy – Donovan – Theo drama, people were really feeling Teen Wolf‘s intensity:

We all were yelling for Tracy’s classmate to get the HELL out of there:

And then it looked like Tracy was down just like that:

We got another shirtless Teen Wolf boy moment (because we were long over due since last season):

Fans were REALLY curious about Brett’s “after the fire” comment:

They finally figured out what was going on with Tracy…a little too late:

And there was an immedaite demand for Jackson to come back:

We all experienced a bit of Déjà vu:

The Sheriff’s date was revealed and no one saw that coming:

Fans were NOT pleased with the Sheriff’s choice:

They were so pissed, they chose to ignore Tracy showing up to kill Lydia’s mom:

Fans were CHEERING when Kira decided to kick some ass:

But then Theo “found” the group at the vet clinic and no one believed that he was being genuine:

Everyone was obviously #TeamMalia in the end battle:

But that end with the Dread Doctors had everyone FREAKING THE HELL OUT:

And that’s all until next #MoonMonday! Catch up on episodes 5.01 and 5.02 of Teen Wolf and see why everyone is #TeamStiles!

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