Teen Wolf Fans Are Confused By “Creatures of the Night”: Read the Tweetcap


Teen Wolf fans have spent the less 10 months wolf-less. Season 4 ended last year with a big cliffhanger (what’s gonna happen with Peter’s storyline?!). Since then, we’ve learned that season 5 would focus more on the “teenagers” and that our beloved Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) would no longer be a series regular on the show. Fans were more than ready, and a little scared, to see what was in store for season 5 in the opener “Creatures of the Night”.  TEEN WOLF SPOILERS AHEAD.

The clock turned 10 and people were READY:

The second fans saw Eichen House again, they were not happy:

People were not feeling the how the doctors were treating Lydia:

People called some BS on the fact that “nothing” happened in 6 months:

Fans enjoyed the fact that Stiles and Scott tied Liam to a tree because of the last full moon:

People – and a werewolf – just wanted to know what the hell Deputy Parrish really is:

At the 15 minute mark, fans weren’t sure they could take much more:

Any time Stiles was even in the slightest bit of danger, the fandom was like:

Pretty Little Liars fans were concerned that Mike Montgomery was out of Rosewood and in Beacon Hills:

When that creepy dude was in the McCall house:

And the whole fandom was screaming:


Some people have noticed a theme in Teen Wolf episodes:

There were different reactions to the Scott-Kira reunion:

Some people couldn’t focus on the plot, they were more concerned with how good Dylan O’Brien looks:

Stiles anxiety about his friends was met with a lot of “awws” and tears:


We all cheered when Scott SHUT. IT. DOWN. on that scary dude:

People (Stiles included) weren’t sure how they felt about Theo:

We were all extra confused by Lydia showing up at the school:

The “Senior Scribe” moment broke everyone’s hearts:

That ending had everyone confused and wondering what was going on with poor Lydia:

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