Fans Are Team Stiles in Teen Wolf’s “Parasomnia”: Read the Tweetcap

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Teen Wolf finally returned to MTV and it’s come with an extra special treat – two episodes in one week! After last night’s “Creatures of the Night”, fans now get to agree with Stiles to trust no one and hold up the policy of #NoNewFriends in “Parasomnia”.

Missed the first episode of season 5? Catch up now with our Tweetcap!

Parasomnia came up in the first minute of the episode and we all laughed:

We met Tracy and this was the first thought most fans had:

Fans melted after that adorable girl got her dog back:

Stiles uneasiness about Theo was met with full fandom support:

And people were pissed that no one wanted to listen to him, since he knew that wasn’t Theo:

When Theo was telling his story, people were more interested in the fact that Derek wasn’t there:

But people did become interested when it was revealed that Ethan and Aiden took care of Theo’s alpha:

Fans thought it was cute Parrish didn’t want to scare Tracey but…:

People totally were Team Stiles in this “Not Trusting Strangers” fight with the group:

Everyone laughed at Liam’s jokes about Theo:

When people weren’t rooting for Stiles, they were gushing over how adorable Liam was:

If Theo wanted fans to trust him, then he should have known better:

The fans really felt for Stiles in “Parasomnia”:

People cheered when Liam was able to finally tell his secret:

When Theo showed his true colors, fans were literally SCREAMING at their television sets because, STILES TOLD YOU SCOTT:

But that ending with Tracey left us all without words:

Read the Tweetcap for Teen Wolf 5.01 – “Creatures of the Night” Now!

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