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Mansplaining Was A Question On ‘Jeopardy’ And It Was Glorious


Much to the dismay of Men’s Rights Activists everywhere, the term “mansplaining” just got a whole lot more official. After being recognized by the Oxford English Online Dictionary, it was officially acknowledged by Jeopardy.

Mainsplaining, a term used when a man patronizingly explains something to a woman that she already knows, was The New York Times’ Word of the Year in 2010. The term can be traced back to a 2008 essay by Rebecca Solnit titled “Men Explain Things To Me,” where she explained the complicated and frustrating feelings behind being corrected and talked down to by men. 

Mansplaining has been having an unfortunate moment — unfortunate because it’s upsetting that it even has to be a thing. As frustrating as the word may be in real life, it was worth a whole lot in Jeopardy. The word appeared for $600 in the “That Explains It” category (or $480 if you happen to be a woman who makes approximately $.80 for every man’s dollar).

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Checkout the clip below:

Currently, there’s no word on whether a woman would have actually won less if she answered the question correctly, because a man answered it anyway. Men just know so much more about those sort of things.

Thank you, Jeopardy, for acknowledging obnoxious things about our patriarchal society.

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