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Oops!!! Evan Peters Accidentally Exposed Himself To Jessica Lange On The Set Of ‘AHS’


American Horror Story: Roanoke is nearly a quarter of the way finished for the season, and Evan Peters has still not made his appearance. There is a rumor that Peters will play a character related to Dandy Mott, a character from American Horror Story: Freak Show, but AHS fans are still pretty much in the dark about what’s happening here. However, after Evan Peters recent appearance on Conan, we do know that he is used to wrecking havoc on the AHS set.

Peters told Conan O’Brien about a cringe-worthy but hilarious incident that occurred on the set of American Horror Story: Asylum. Peters was filming a scene with Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange and since his bottom was exposed, Peters but on a sock to cover his more…. private regions, but, he didn’t quite put it on properly. Apparently, the sock was supposed to cover his testicular area in addition to his more obvious appendage. However, Peters didn’t know that so his…um… parts were all in Queen Jessica Lange’s face while filming the scene. Despite his humiliation, Sarah Paulson comforted the poor lad and he learned a rather valuable lesson about how to properly wear socks meant for covering privates.

Watch the hilarious video below.

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