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‘Entourage’ Recap: Season Finale

[IMG:L]10:02: The gang is back in Queens, taking shots till dawn and riding around in … taxis?! Sheesh, Vince really has fallen on hard times.

10:05: Vince’s mom (Mercedes Ruehl) saw something in the paper about a Gus Van Sant movie, for which she thinks Vince would be perfect. Eric and Ari don’t disagree, but Van Sant long ago passed on Vince. E’s solution: Vince should audition and thereby charm the pants off the Good Will Hunting filmmaker.

10:08: Turtle — or shall I say Sal? — appears to be maintaining a text-message relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler while they’re on separate coasts.

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10:10: E waits around for hours to hand-deliver clips of Vince to Van Sant, and just when it seems that the director will only be namedropped in the episode, out he comes! Unfortunately, he has no interest in Vince and more or less shoos Eric away after agreeing to watch clips of Vince from the now-defunct Smokejumpers.

[IMG:R]10:12: Michael Phelps too? Nice! Luckily it’s a split-second, passerby cameo, because we really don’t need to be subjected to those acting skills ever again.

10:17: Van Sant likes Vince’s Smokejumpers clips a lot — just not for the movie he’s currently casting. Which sets up the predictable E-chasing-after-Vince season-finale scene. What follows, though, is less predictable, as Vince shouts the ‘F’ word at E: “fired”!

10:20: Meanwhile, in Turtle’s wet dream of a story arc, he and Jamie-Lynn are engaging in a steamy session of phone sex when Turtle’s mom picks up the phone. Again, just Turtle’s luck!

10:21: Ari arrives in Queens to track down Vince, who is hanging out — sans E — at the dingy bar Johnny Drama just bought and named after himself. And wouldn’t you know it: Entourage saved its biggest cameo of the season for last: Martin Scorsese. The legendary director signs Vince up for the lead role in his reimaging of The Great Gatsby

10:23: …And it’s all thanks to E, because E’s persistence with Van Sant led to him passing on Vince’s clips to Scorsese. Vince apologizes, they hug it out, and E is rehired as Vince’s manager.

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10:26: Shockingly, there’s no cliffhanger ending or ‘Oh, sh*t’ phone call — just Vince and his entourage heading off into the sunset … to get drunk. It’s a somewhat disappointing ending, in my opinion, to an otherwise great season that took a turn toward realism. What were your thoughts on season five? (Season 6 is set to premiere in summer 2009.)

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