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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 5 “Hiros”

In the subway, future Hiro tells Peter he looks different without the scar and gives him the message, sending Peter to Isaac to begin his journey. There, Peter sees the cheerleader painting, but it’s not quite finished. Issac is too strung out to paint anymore, so, Peter, who has absorbed Issac’s powers, starts to paint. Peter also finally answers the phone and speaks with Hiro, who sets Peter on the next step of his quest.

Nathan wakes up, happy in bed with a sleeping Nikki (aka Jessica) but is confronted by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian. Nathan flies away to escape, and Hiro sees him land beside a diner outside Vegas. Nikki wakes up alone. She doesn’t remember her romp with Nathan, but Linderman’s people blackmail Nathan with a tape of him and Nikki. Nikki goes home to Micah and the police show up to tell her that her husband D.L., a suspected bank robber, has escaped from custody again.

Matt wakes up on the couch with his wife, Janice, angry at him for being AWOL for a whole day. He can’t remember where he has been, but he uses his power to create the ultimate romantic date to smooth it over with his wife. Later, at a convenience store where he prevents a robbery, the crowd of thought voices overwhelm him.

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Claire recovers in the hospital, while Mr. Bennett and the Haitian erase the seriously injured quarterback’s entire memory as punishment for trying to defile his daughter.

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