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Tuesday: ‘The Biggest Loser’

[IMG:L]The Biggest Loser — 9/8c on NBC

The fall reality shows are droppin’ like flies.

Dancing with the Stars ended Nov. 27, Survivor signed off Sunday night, and now The Biggest Loser.

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Fortunately for Loser fans, the fifth season–aka The Biggest Loser: Couples–begins on New Year’s Day. (And for reality TV fans in general, there’s also this little-known talent/singing-competition thingy called American Idol that starts up in less than a month.)

Loser has been a ratings winner for NBC, and tonight, with little else new to watch on network TV, the weight-loss show’s season finale will yield huge numbers.

The remaining four from a pool that began with 18 contestants are: Hollie Self, who made headlines when she left to be with her dying mother in week 6; Isabeau Miller, a Loser record holder for having lost more weight before going home than any contestant in history; Julie Hadden, who came in with the lowest starting weight of any contestant this season; and Bill Germanakos, whose twin brother Jim was eliminated in week 5.

The Biggest Loser, as all viewers know, receives a whopping $250,000, and yet he or she still winds up lighter in the pockets!

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