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Weekend X-Mas Explosion

Christmas Movie Explosion– various channels

If you haven’t been watching Fox News lately, you may not be aware that the verdict is in: The War on Christmas is Over!!! Santa and his elves can go back to making toys, consumers may return to their cutthroat shopping expeditions, and the season may be jolly again.

To do its part in ringing in this time of cheer, tonight, television delivers a shock-and-awe onslaught of Christmas movies. Where to begin?

Covering the major networks, Will Ferrell’s Elf, one of the more recent additions to the Christmas movie hall of fame, airs tonight on CBS (8/7c) and perennial favorite, It’s a Wonderful Life, competes with it at the same time on NBC.

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Prancer, the heartwarming reindeer flick from 1989, flies through AMC tonight (8/7c), and Tim Allen, fresh off starring in the franchise’s third big screen installment, brings the ’94 original The Santa Clause to the Disney Channel (9/8c). Also, burglars Harry and Marv get absolutely dominated on Christmas by a lonely 8-year-old in Home Alone (TBS – 8/7c).

Sick of all the old classics? Well then treat yourself to a premiere with Jay Mohr’s Christmas Do-Over, a cross between A Christmas Carol and Groundhog Day, which airs on ABC Family (8/7c), or a re-airing of Lifetime’s 2006 original film, A Christmas Wedding, the plot of which is pretty self-explanatory.

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