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12 of Billy Eichner’s Funniest Moments

Billy Eichner was awarded People magazine’s “Break Out Star of the Year” last week, which he accepted by calling the award a “beautiful silver tube” and making a joke about Chloe Grace Moretz. If you had only seen his name and not his photo, you may have ended up Googling him like we did. If so, you may have been embarrassed to not have previously known the name of this familiar face. Eichner is the star of Fuse’s “Billy on the Street” and has guest starred on Parks and Recreation as well. He characteristically screams and asks awkward questions that makes everyone everyone uncomfortable, in a good way.

1. He sold Paul Rudd to anyone on the street that will take him.


2. … Even the unwilling/overly willing ones.

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3. He traded with Jean Ralphio for horseback riding.


4. He told a baby that its name was BS.


5. He threatened Donna over making the wrong choice.

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6. He spoke about his Hispanic fantasy.


7. He met  The Hunger Games  biggest fan.


8. He defended mocked a girls’ fashion ignorance. 

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9. He had an intense reaction to puppies.



10. He told strangers about Mindy’s unfortunate Emmy experience.



11. He asked people if they cared about Spock… in front of Spock.



12. He expressed his love with a scowl and a scream.


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