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‘American Idol’ Recap: Brooke White Gets Something to Cry About

[IMG:L]For the first time this season, Brooke White’s tears really made sense.

The 24-year-old Arizona native, prone to bouts of crying during/after her performances and on elimination nights (so pretty much all the time), was voted off of American Idol Wednesday night.

On Tuesday night, when contestants were forced to pick from Neil Diamond’s enormous songbook, White chose the somewhat uncharacteristically upbeat “I’m a Believer” for her first of two performances, followed by the more apropos “I Am… I Said.”

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But even the latter, Simon Cowell-approved performance wasn’t enough to keep White around for another week, leaving Syesha Mercado as the lone female contestant in the top four.

Mercado, who joined White in the bottom two this week, has almost been voted off (a.k.a. been one of the lowest vote-getters) an astonishing six times over the last month and a half.

Even more surprising to probably every viewer who is not a teenage girl is Jason Castro’s mere existence on the show. Top-four worthy? Really?!

The dreadlocked Texan, who has drawn some kind of criticism on an almost weekly basis, appears overmatched with every theme–Neil Diamond Week was no exception–and yet has only sniffed elimination once, when he was in the bottom three a month ago.

Point is, it’s fine that Castro survives weekly cuts when he probably shouldn’t, but if he messes with the seemingly set-in-stone finale between David Archuleta and David Cook, some people are gonna be pissed!

The aforementioned finale will take place just three short weeks from now (May 21). The two episodes until then will consist of the following themes: songs that shaped/inspired rock ‘n’ roll (next week) and a three-songs-apiece set as chosen by the contestants, judges and producers (May 13).

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David Cook will thrive more than ever under next week’s rock theme; David Archuleta can essentially do no wrong (even forgetting the lyrics some time ago was totally condoned by voters); and Castro will probably find some way to Jack Johnson-ize whatever he sings next week, which voters just eat up.

So…as I’ve incorrectly predicted for at least the past month, Syesha’s “journey ends” next week.

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