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‘Entourage’ Season Four: Ep. 47 “The Dream Team”

Vince and Eric are on their way to talk to Walsh when they run into Snoop Dogg, who tells them he saw the trailer for Medellin online. It rocked the house–but the fact it has been leaked on YouTube is not a good thing. Walsh pissed, and he thinks E was the one who leaked it. “You’ve got a Napoleonic complex!,” he screams at Eric. They get into an altercation at a restaurant and Eric kicks Walsh’s ass (E’s apparently really aggressive when he wants to be).

Vince and Eric go see Ari, who is fully aware of the leaked trailer—and loving every minute of it. Vince is suddenly a hot commodity again, all the studios are calling. There’s a great project, perfect for Vince, being put together by Ari’s old foe Dana Gordon, the same exec he got fired over the Aquaman fiasco. No matter. Ari plays sweet once again and goes to charm the pants off of her. It works, sort of. She tells him Curtis Hanson is onboard to direct, but there’s already an offer nearly finalized with Heath Ledger to star.

Ari rushes back to the office, “Lloyd, I need info on Heath Ledger.” Lloyd quickly replies, “He’s got a 44 chest, loves black and white movies and rainy days.” “I need his AGENT, Lloyd,” Ari shoots back. Apparently, it’s Josh Weinstein, Ari’s old assistant, which pleases Ari to no end as he plans some agent sabotage 101. Later at lunch, Ari ambushes Josh and plants doubt in the agent’s mind on whether Heath would want to do the project, since it might be a little too close to the Brokeback experience. Josh excuses himself, cell phone to his ear. That afternoon Ari gets a call from Dana. Heath is out—but so is Curtis Hanson, who only wanted to work with Heath. Her fast-track project has hit the skids. Oops.

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Meanwhile, Drama feels old and wants to buy something that’ll make him cool again. He sees a marijuana hat and wants it. He and Turtle end up at a medical marijuana facility, but you need a card to get in. Drama needs a doctor’s prescription to get a card—and Turtle knows exactly where to go to get it.

In the doc’s waiting room, Drama and Turtle have to come up with a health problem to warrant a marijuana prescription. A motorcycle accident, perhaps? Drama comes up with legionnaire’s disease, which doesn’t really fly with the doctor. So, Drama is honest with the guy about wanting to stay young-looking without Botox and the need to buy the hat. It comes out Drama is a little nervous and suffers from panic attacks. Bingo! Drama is suddenly a card-carrying member of the marijuana club. Go get your hat, Drama!

Later, Drama shows up on the Five Towns set, hat on head, looking all hip. All the young guys are duly impressed, even more so when they realize Drama can get weed whenever he wants it. In fact, they want to spark up right now, but Drama didn’t bring any of it. He calls Turtle in a panic to bring the weed. Soon, they are all baked, especially Drama, who smokes way, way too much and starts getting super paranoid. The guys start chanting, “Bug out! Bug out!,” but Turtle is able to calm Drama down and tells him to ride it out.

Meanwhile, Vince and Eric are going to meet with a journalist, along with Walsh, to talk about Medellin. E thinks Vince should tell Walsh to lay off. It isn’t easy, but Vince gets Walsh to agree to cool it, at least through the interview. It goes pretty smoothly, but Walsh can’t help getting in some digs about Eric’s short stature. As soon as the journalist leaves, they go at it again. Vince screams at them to stop, as he forces Eric into the car, while Walsh is taunting him in the background. Driving away, Eric apologizes, but he really can’t stand Walsh. Eric is going to do his best to deal with the jerk, but after six weeks, when Cannes is over and Medellin sold, E will be done with Walsh once and for all.

Ari suddenly calls with some great news. Vince is on for the hot new project, providing its being made by what Ari sold as the Medellin “dream team”: Vince starring, Eric producing—and Walsh directing. “F**k me,” sighs Eric.

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