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‘Entourage’ Season Two: Ep. 17 “I Love You Too”

Heading to a comic book convention ComicCon to launch Aquaman, Vince decides that he overreacted in blackballing Mandy Moore from the film, but when she wants him to be friends with her fiancé, he draws the line. The situation gets worse when an influential Internet journalist starts asking questions about the co-stars’ old fling, and Vince abruptly ends the interview. But as the hero of Viking Quest, Drama is a big man at ComiCon, and it’s his acquaintances–a group of porn-stars turned comic-book heroes–who finally manage to turn the angry journalist around. After a visit from the Pussy Patrol, he deems Vince the perfect Aquaman, and the boys head back to L.A. to celebrate at a U2 concert, courtesy of Ari.

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