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Fascinating Hollywood Facts

1. The sexy bra Jessica Alba wore as exotic dancer Nancy Callahan in Sin City recently sold for $1,025 on auction Web site eBay.

2. The doctor who will perform TV personality Regis Philbin‘s heart bypass operation performed similar surgery on Larry King and David Letterman.

3. Anna Nicole Smith‘s designer pal Bobby Trendy is campaigning to honor the tragic actress/model with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Trendy has told Hollywood Mayor Johnny Grant he’ll pay for the tribute if officials agree to it.

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4. Movie studio Disney is to feature its first black princess in new musical cartoon The Frog Princess.

5. Former Alias star Jennifer Garner is taking a political science class online to help her keep up with politically active husband Ben Affleck.

6. Bruce Springsteen and Norah Jones are the frontrunners succeed Prince and perform at the 2008 Super Bowl, according to Sports Illustrated magazine.

7. Paris Hilton‘s sister Nicky will launch her new clothing line at Fashion Week Miami later this month. The four-day Florida style event will also feature the debut of Jennifer Lopez‘s new fashion label Justsweet.

8. Gambling Web site Bodog.com is offering betting fans the chance to win $350 if celebrity amputee Heather Mills’ prosthetic leg falls off during her upcoming stint on TV show Dancing with the Stars. Gamblers have to bet $100 to take part.

9. Richard Gere has “the most romantic table” at his favorite New York City restaurant named after him.

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10. Environmentalist/actor Ed Begley has a range of nontoxic household cleaning products, called Begley’s Best.


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