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Fascinating Hollywood Facts

1. Troubled star Lindsay Lohan once appeared in a school anti-drunk-driving ad with Canadian pop punks Simple Plan in 2005. The actress was charged with a DUI after crashing her car in Beverly Hills on Saturday, May 26, and has since checked into rehab.

2. Lost star Dominic Monaghan was given a canoe paddle signed by all his castmates and producers as a goodbye gift during his last day on the set of the desert-island drama.

3. Odd couple Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood have matching black heart tattoos, but the actress has a lightning bolt through hers–to represent her love for David Bowie.

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4. Tobey Maguire won the role of Spider-Man by donning an all-blue unitard and fighting with his stunt double at his audition.

5. Socialite Nicole Richie is developing a new accessories line made up of jewelry, scarves and sunglasses.

6. Singer Sheryl Crow has hired the same nanny as Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon to look after her newly adopted baby.

7. John Travolta and John Denver both passed on the role of Zack Mayo in An Officer and a Gentleman before Richard Gere was offered the part.

8. Ellen Barkin filmed a cameo role opposite Matt Damon in Ocean’s Twelve, but the scene was cut. The actress and Damon play lovers in Ocean’s Thirteen.

9. Heroes star Greg Grunberg has signed on to become the first male spokesperson for WeightWatchers after losing 32 pounds in nine months on the diet program.

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10. The Hallmark TV network has paid a reported $13 million to acquire the rights for all 264 hours of beloved mystery series Murder, She Wrote.


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