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Fascinating Hollywood Facts

1. After her release from prison, reality TV star Paris Hilton bought tickets to six different vacation destinations in an attempt to confuse the paparazzi over where she was headed.

2. George Clooney‘s new girlfriend, Sarah Larson, once ate a scorpion as part of a stunt on extreme game show Fear Factor.

3. Superbad star Michael Cera‘s first movie audition was for the part in The Sixth Sense that eventually went to Haley Joel Osment.

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4. The stars of new Ping-Pong comedy Balls of Fury were trained by the same Olympians who helped Tom Hanks master the sport for Forrest Gump.

5. Celebrities including Whoopi Goldberg, Donald TrumpDanny DeVito and Alec Baldwin will take over TV network TCM (Turner Classic Movies) in November as guest programmers to introduce 29 films of their choice.

6. Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines and her actor husband Adrian Pasdar have bought a $5.6 million five-bedroom home in Brentwood, California.

7. Disney’s hit movie High School Musical is set to be remade in Mexico, Argentina, Spain and India.

8. The Beatles’ 1965 movie Help! is to be released on DVD more than 40 years after it first came out.

9. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star William Petersen‘s pet boxer Bruno will appear in upcoming episodes of the forensics drama.

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10. MTV bosses have struck a deal with the producers of stage musical Legally Blonde to film an entire performance for an upcoming special, which will air in October.


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