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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 12 “Godsend”

Two weeks after the homecoming murder and Peter’s dream of his own explosion, Peter lies in a hospital bed, flashing back to his apocalyptic memory. Nathan is restless and demands Simone show him what this is all about. Simone takes Nathan to Isaac’s loft to find Isaac is there. Issac tries to make up with Simone, telling her that even though he is clean, he can still paint. She doesn’t tell him she’s with Peter now.

Hiro and Ando go to the Museum of Natural History to steal the sword that Hiro thinks will restore his powers. “Godsend” is written in the mural, explaining the samurai’s legend, but the best Hiro can do is slow down time not completely stop it. It’s good enough to let him steal the sword and pose in front of a dinosaur exhibit—hence the explanation of Isaac’s painting. But Hiro and Ando find out the sword is only a replica, donated by the mysterious mob boss Linderman—who also has ties to Nikki and Nathan. The real sword is with Linderman.

Meanwhile, Nikki is in prison, with the beat-up guards angry over Jessica’s continuous assaults. As Nikki is talking to her lawyer, Jessica comes out and argues with Nikki, making her look mentally unstable, to say the least. Jessica demands a psychiatrist in hopes to cop a multiple-personality defense, but Nikki pleads she’s not crazy. No one is convinced at this point.

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D.L. tries to comfort Micah, who has been fighting with kids to defend his mother’s honor. D.L.’s charges have been dropped, thanks to Nikki’s confessions, and D.L. is now free. He pays back Linderman the $2 million he took from him—through a messenger–but turns out Linderman still considers the debt open. D.L. and Micah visit Nikki in prison. After some heart to heart, Nikki wants to give Micah a hug. Of course, that’s not allowed in prison visitation, and the anger unleashes Jessica—or is it still Nikki?–who breaks a nightstick right in half before several other guards come in to subdue her.

As the high school reopens, Claire worries that other kids will ask her questions about the murder. Mr. Bennet tries to be the concerned father, saying it’s best she’s blocked it out, Of course, what Bennet doesn’t know is that The Haitian did NOT erase Claire’s memory, as ordered. The Haitian apparently has another agenda in mind. Meanwhile, Claire feels like she can’t trust anyone now, so she tries to reconnect with Zach, who doesn’t remember even hanging out with her. It takes recreating the healing powers tape to reform the bond with Zach. 

After staking out the paper warehouse, Matt leads a SWAT team in–but all they find is paper. As Matt confronts Bennet on the location of Sylar, Bennet denies having any knowledge. Matt can’t read his mind, either –because The Haitian is standing nearby blocking him. Bennet gave Matt’s boss a tape of Matt sitting in car for two weeks so that he looks like a crazy stalker. Even Audrey is running out of patience. At least Matt is able to tell his wife about his power.

Meanwhile, Sylar is actually lying comatose in his cell with Bennet watching over him with a scientist. They plan more tests, even though they could kill him, to keep digging. Bennet wants revenge for Eden, but his orders are to still keep Sylar alive.

Mohinder is in his Brooklyn apartment, with a government agent now interested in the list because it matches the murders. The agent also reveals to Mohinder that Eden’s body has been found in a lake with a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide—and that her real name was Sarah Ellis. Later, Bennet waits in Mohinder’s apartment to try to enlist his cooperation, to protect the people on the list. Mohinder decides instead to figure out the list and warn those people about Bennet.

In the Nevada desert, the man with radioactive hands practices his power in an old shed.

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Back to Peter, still in a coma, reliving his vision of a nuclear explosion. In a more detailed dream, he sees many of the Heroes–from Nathan to Mohinder to Simone to Claire, Hiro and Ando. And a new one–a bearded man, laughing. In the dream, Peter’s hands glow radioactive and Peter can’t control it. Nathan insists he can help, but Peter explodes anyway. Finally, this wakes Peter up—and he abruptly leaves the hospital despite his mother’s pleading. He wants to get a flight to the desert to stay out of trouble (wonder if that’s where he’ll meet the radioactive man), but on the streets, Peter notices the bearded man from his dream, picking pockets at a street restaurant and chases him. When he catches up, Peter finds out he is the only one who can see him because the guy is invisible.

Stay tuned…

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