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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 11 “Fallout”

Mr. Bennet says he’s known about Claire’s power, but she can’t tell anyone. She has to keep it a secret lest bad guys come after her. He has Claire destroy the tapes of her healing powers, has her brother Lyle’s mind is erased and Zach’s as well. The Haitian comes for her, too, but in a surprising move, he finally speaks, telling her that he is letting her keep her memory as long as she doesn’t let dad know.

D.L. runs from Jessica, who pursues him and hurts Micah in a scuffle. Suddenly, motherly Nikki returns and realizing how she can hurt the ones she loves, turns herself in to the police to protect the family.

Mr. Bennet talks with Sylar, who is isolated in a clear cell, Hannibal Lecter-style, while some sort of force field inhibits Sylar’s powers. Bennet and Eden want to just kill him, but their orders are to keep him alive. Orders from whom, one wonders?

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Peter gets picked up by the police in Texas after the whole homecoming murder deal, since he’s the only one left. He tells them about Sylar, which brings Matt and Audrey to Texas. Interrogating Peter, Matt and Peter get bad feedback, because Peter is absorbing Matt’s telepathic abilities. Matt also recognizes Bennet and the Haitian and decides to stake out Bennet at the paper warehouse, convinced he’ll lead them to Sylar.

Isaac and Hiro finally meet, and Hiro shows him the comic, which is yet to be published. Isaac learns to draw the future sober and one of his pictures is an exploding man. Another is Hiro with a sword, opposing a dinosaur.

Mohinder returns, and Eden offers to kill his father’s murderer. She bucks the orders and confronts Sylar. But the sneaky bastard gains the upper hand and breaks free. Right before he can take her power, she shoots herself in the head. Score one for Eden.

Nathan bails Peter out of jail, but just as they leave, Peter has a sudden vision he is turning radioactive and explodes on the streets of New York, with the whole cast converging around him. Peter collapses and goes into a coma.

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