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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 21 “The Hard Part”

Hiro and Ando are on the rooftop and figure they’ve got some work to do, as they look at Isaac’s unfinished comic book, detailing how Hiro will kill Sylar—but with no words. “Let’s go talk to Mr. Isaac to fin out!,” Hiro joyfully exclaims.

Of course, Isaac is dead, having been Sylar-ized. The serial killer is now painting in Isaac’s loft. He sees images of Ted and Peter battling it out with glowing hands and thinks he will explode from taking the power. And in a moment of vulnerability, he calls Mohinder for help. Sylar can justify taking what other people don’t deserve but being the vehicle of apocalypse is too much for him.

But Mohinder doesn’t want to help him, and Sylar quickly hangs up, realizing Mohinder is trying to call 911. Sylar then calls the only other person he trusts: His mom. As he’s getting ready to go see her, Hiro and Ando show up and find Isaac dead on the floor. Hiro realizes he’s already witnessed this scene. Sylar comes out of the bathroom, while Hiro and Ando hide. But Sylar can hear their heart beats and just as he’s about to catch them, Hiro and Ando teleport out of there. Ando wants to follow him, to kill him, but Hiro thinks they should stick to the comic book’s chain of events, which has him killing Sylar after the election, in two days.

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Still, Hiro and Ando follow Sylar, as he goes to see his mom in Queens. She’s thrilled to see her son, calling him Gabriel. She goes on and on about how special he is. Sylar wonders out loud if maybe just being a watchmaker is enough to be happy, but Mom thinks not. She even plants the president idea in his head. Guess if he can’t convince her he’d like to just be normal, he might as well show her just how “special” he is. He starts exhibiting some of his powers, but it gets out of control and freaks her out. Then he lays on the news that he’s seen the future and he’s going to kill a lot of people. That does it. She wants him OUT of there because he is NOT her son. She pulls a pair of scissors on him and in the struggle, he accidentally stabs her, right in the heart.

Hiro and Ando have been watching from the window. Just as Sylar stabs his mom, Hiro freezes the action. He comes in and almost cuts Sylar’s head off. Though he’s vulnerable, Hiro won’t take the opportunity to kill him. Sylar manages to undo the freeze—and break the sword. Hiro and Ando teleport away again. Back in the loft, Hiro realizes he has the Future Hiro’s sword, now broken in half. Does that mean he’ll have to go back to the future to get HIS sword? Meanwhile, Sylar paints the explosion in his mother’s blood on the floor.

In other parts, DL is determined to get Micah back, after Jessica tells him he was taken by Lindeman. Jessica goes with him, as they walk through the wall together into Linderman’s vault. They see a painting of Micah in fiery New York and realize Lindeman has got records on the whole family. DL and Jessica/Nikki think they’re part of Linderman’s science experiment and track Linderman to New York.

Meanwhile, Candice is babysitting Micah in a tall New York building, pretending to be Nikki. Micah doesn’t like Linderman, but “Nikki” assures him everything is going to be OK. Micah tries to escape but running around finds every door leads to the same room. It’s all Candice. She shows herself to Micah and tells him she can show him whatever she wants. If he doesn’t behave, she’ll really do a number on him. Yikes. Micah looks scared.

Mohinder meets with Thompson and refuses the offer to come work for the “company.” In fact, Mohinder demands Thompson help HIM stop Sylar. That’s ain’t gonna happen. Instead, Thompson introduces Mohinder to Molly Walker, a littler girl with a valuable power: She can find anyone, anywhere, a walking 411 directory. But she’s sick with a rare virus that inhibits her ability, much like Mohinder’s sister, who died before Mohinder was born. Could Mohinder have the cure for her? Lab work frustrates Mohinhder. He can’t find his father’s cure, the antibody. Suddenly, he figures out HE is the cure. His blood might be the key to Molly’s recovery.

At the Petrelli mansion, Claire is getting ready to go to Paris, but Peter tries to convince her to stay and find her destiny. He finally tells her about his vision, in which he explodes and blows up half of New York. This reminds Claire of Ted. Peter realizes they have to find Ted. But there’s a caveat. Peter gives Claire a gun and tells her that if he starts to exhibit nuclear capabilities and is not able to control it, she must shoot him in the head, right in the spot that will rendering him powerless. Claire doesn’t think she can do it, but he tells her she is the only one who could get close enough to do it, if it came to that.

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Meanwhile, on the day of the election, Nathan is having doubts about allowing the explosion to happen, so he can rule over the post-bomb world. Mama Petrelli gives Nathan a pep talk, and for the first time, Nathan realizes just how deeply involved his mother really is.

Claire decides to help Peter. As she and Peter are sitting outside Nathan’s campaign headquarters, she sees her dad, Bennet, walking up with Parkman and Ted. Peter immediately starts absorbing Ted’s ability and can’t stop. He looks at Claire and says, “You know what to do!”

To be continued…

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