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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 7 “Nothing to Hide”

Simone comes to Peter after her dad dies and tells him she sold the missing painting to Linderman. Zach finds Claire’s tape, but her little brother, Lyle, has also seen it and freaks out.

Against her better judgment, Nikki reluctantly calls on Jessica’s help to find Micah. Micah eventually calls Jessica and lets her know where they are, even though he knows it might be dangerous. He wants his mom. Micah also reveals a secret power of his own by making a broken phone work. On the road, D.L. and Hiro meet unexpectedly, saving a woman from a car crash.

Matt and new partner Audrey find a new Hero, Ted, whose hands emit radioactive powers. Audrey also helps arrange for Matt to take the detective’s test again—and help with his dyslexia. But Matt’s thrown a curve ball. Just as he and his wife seem to heading towards a reconciliation, Matt inadvertently read the minds of his old partner—and Janice—and discovers they had an affair.

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Nathan and his wheelchair-bound wife give an interview to help his poll numbers, and Peter ends up covering for Nathan’s one-night stand with Nikki/Jessica.

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