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‘Lost’ Season Three Recap: Ep. 3

“Further Instructions”

So far this season, we’ve caught more than a glimpse of how the Others live and have seen what happened to Jack, Sayid et. al. Now it’s time to find out what became of Locke, Eko and Desmond once the hatch imploded. It’s pretty trippy.

Locke wakes up flat on his back in the jungle, a little bloodied and disoriented—and mute. He stands up, only to have Eko’s walking stick almost knock him in the head from out of nowhere. Realizing his grave error in losing faith in the island, Locke quickly puts together what he calls, “a sweat lodge” or a meditation hut, a place where he can somehow reconnect with the island. Locke asks a reluctant Charlie, who clearly still has a great deal of animosity towards Locke, to stand guard while he goes in.

Once inside the sweat lodge, Boone suddenly appears. Locke tries to apologize to Boone, but Boone isn’t there to rehash the past. He’s there to communicate to Locke someone on the island needs his help–now.

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Locke then hallucinates being pushed through an airport terminal by Boone in a wheelchair. He sees Claire, Charlie and the baby looking happy, but Boone says, “No, it’s not them. They are OK. For now.” Then Locke sees Sun and Jin arguing, with Sayid behind them, “Sayid’s got them covered,” Boone says. Locke points to Hurley behind the ticket counter, “No, not Hurley,” while Desmond comes down the escalator with a bunch of flight attendants. Boone says, “He’s taking care of himself just fine.”

Then Locke sees Kate, Sawyer and Jack going through the airport security, with Ben as one of the security people. Boone tells Locke, “You can’t help them right now. First, you have to clean up your own mess.” Eko. Locke is meant to save Eko.

Emerging from the tent, Locke can now speak and springs into action, with Charlie in tow. A polar bear has apparently taken Eko. Yes, the very same we saw from the first season. Following a trail of white tufts of fur, Charlie and Locke find the bear’s cave. Locke goes inside, sees a bunch of bones (one skeleton sports a T-shirt with the Dharma Initiative logo, and there’s a toy truck in there?) and rescues the wounded Eko out. He and Charlie carry him back to the camp.

Meanwhile, after running into Locke and Charlie, Hurley makes his way back to the camp. He also finds Desmond, completely naked. Giving Desmond a tie-dyed shirt to wear, Hurley tells him about the Others taking Jack and the rest. Desmond says not to worry. “Locke already made his little speech about rescuing them, right?” Hurley looks at him, confused. “Dude, Locke only told me about Eko. And the bear.” Desmond backpedals.

Back on the beach, while Eko is being tended to, we are introduced to two new characters, Paulo and Nikki, who have, up to this point, been extras at the Losties’ camp. When they ask where Jack is, Hurley relays the story. Sensing panic, Locke takes charge and informs everyone he is going after Jack and the others. He WILL rescue them and bring them back. Because that’s what he does–he hunts.

Rolling his eyes, Charlie quips to Hurley, “Nice little speech,” to which Hurley slowly looks over at Desmond, who pants-less and throwing rocks into the ocean.

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