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‘Lost’ Season Two Recap: Ep. 8


We get a little glimpse into Ana Lucia’s life–and why she’s such a hard ass.

As everyone stands there, processing Shannon’s death at the hands of Ana Lucia, it’s clear Sayid wants to exact immediate revenge. He draws his weapon and goes after her but Mr. Eko stops him as the two struggle. Ana Lucia is able to knock Sayid out. As her adrenaline is pumping, she demands for him to be tied up and that everyone else just stay put. She’s in charge.

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In a flashback, we learn Ana Lucia has experience with a gun: She is–or was–a cop, on the LAPD force. Turns out, she was born to be a cop and wearing the shield is a family business. But Ana Lucia was involved in an incident, in which she let her guard down for just a moment. She learned about the dark side of human nature the hard way. And it’s a lesson that nearly cost Ana Lucia her life.

But back on the island, Ana isn’t about to back down. Sayid, awake now, demands to be freed from his binds. Michael and Jin argue furiously to take Sawyer back to their camp before he dies too. Knowing he is closer than he has ever been, Bernard is desperate to reunite with Rose. But the time for discussion is over and Ana takes the hard line. The only question is how long the fragile threads of her control will last.

Eko isn’t about to wait to find out. He picks up Sawyer’s unconscious body and tells Ana this is something he has to do. The rest soon follow suit, which Ana decides is fine with her. She’s better off on her own anyway. Ana tells Michael to go back to his camp and bring her back some supplies: food and clothing, more ammunition and a bag to put it all in. When he returns, she’ll let Sayid go.
Jin then leads everyone else on the last leg towards an emotional reunion, leaving just Ana Lucia and Sayid. Very calmly, Sayid asks her if she is going to kill him and admits if he were in her place that’s precisely what he would do. But she ends up letting him go instead, dropping the gun at his feet and almost daring him to kill her.

But Sayid looks at her and simply says, “What good would it be to kill you, if we are both already dead?”

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