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Oscar Gift Baskets Stacked With Goodies

If they ask you to present at the Academy Awards, say yes immediately–if not for the experience, then at least for the goodie-filled gift baskets you get for participating.

According to The Associated Press, the official gift baskets for the 75th Academy Awards, which go to nominees, presenters and performers include, among other things, a handbag in pastel-colored leather by Dooney & Bourke, Godiva chocolates, A.T. Cross pens, Sebastian International Shaper hair products, Enjoy perfume by Jean Patou Paris and Sjal holistic skin moisturizers.

The nominees receive all that and more, including goodies from companies who want the stars to use their products. AP reports these include new Motorola and Sprint camera phones, with Motorola’s coming with free service for six months and Sprint’s coming in a fancy Fendi case; a Victoria’s Secret customized “good luck charm” bra-and-panty set with the initials of each actress nominee, and Dream Couture shampoo and conditioner, which contain extracts from chardonnay champagne grapes and Perigord black truffles, from British hairdresser Charles Worthington.

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Perhaps the most unusual item is a gift certificate for an accent table from Thomasville’s Bogart Collection, inspired by Humphrey Bogart, AP reports.

And even if you aren’t in front of the cameras, you still could get some cool stuff for showing up. Revlon is sending out a faux crocodile and red petit point bag overflowing with color cosmetics to makeup artists and stylists, and fans in the stands lining the red carpet will get a packet of Moisturous lipsticks.

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