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Saturday: ‘Alpha Dog’

[IMG:L]Alpha Dog — 8/7c on HBO

Nick Cassavetes’ over-the-top but intriguing look at the true story of Jesse James Hollywood premieres tonight.

If nothing else, Alpha Dog serves as a kind of audition tape for viewers curious about three of Hollywood’s foremost ‘It’ boys du jour: Anton YelchinEmile Hirsch and Ben Foster.

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Yelchin, who was recently cast in next year’s Star Trek prequel by J.J. Abrams, shines the most as the eager-to-please kidnap victim Zach.

But Hirsch, currently starring in and receiving raves from Sean Penn’s Into the Wild, and 3:10 to Yuma’s Foster are none too shabby themselves.

In addition, Justin Timberlake proves that a future as a singer-actor double threat is definitely within reach, thanks to a strong and energetic supporting turn.

The acting is the main draw, but director Cassavetes (The Notebook) at least keeps the ultimately grim Alpha Dog full of the testosterone it should have.

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