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The Things They Say

“If I give you a really good interview, am I going to get a movie out of it? F**k no! So what’s the argument for saying anything, unless you have this rampaging need to please?”
Matt Damon has made a concerted effort to appear boring in interviews so the press will leave him alone

“I think everybody on Wisteria Lane has the money of a Republican, but the sex life of a Democrat so it’s a really political show.”
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, who once considered running for political office

“I was playing three and then they took one away just because you could recognize [it was me]. I was playing one of the Scottish penguins, one of the more protestant penguins…and then they went, ‘No, bye bye.'”
Robin Williams had to settle on voicing two characters instead of three in Happy Feet because producers feared kids would recognize his voice

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“They have this tradition, which I didn’t know at the time, you have to do From Russia with Love. That was the audition scene.”
Daniel Craig, on his screen test to play the new James Bond in Casino Royale

“I cashed in my pension fund, I sold artwork; at one point I was signing these cards that had my likeness on them, like a trading card, to make a house payment. It was pretty sad.”
Emilio Estevez nearly went broke writing the script for his new movie Bobby

Daniel goes so far as to sign my name in an autograph… He’ll sign, ‘Best wishes, Elijah Wood.’ But Spider-Man? I don’t think I look like Tobey at all. It’s so funny.”
Elijah Wood claims he, Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe and Spider-Man’s Tobey Maguire are regularly mistaken for one another

“I’d quite like to go on Dancing with the Stars. I’d like them to teach me the tango.”
-Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson

“According to the Associated Press, Fidel Castro is not expected to live to 2007 and is worth $900 million. Anna Nicole Smith was seen yesterday paddling towards Cuba.”
Jay Leno jokes during his Tonight Show monologue

“It was Darren‘s idea and it was the right thing to do. During that time it was going to be extremely intense for him–and for me–and that would create some kind of separation anyway.”
Rachel Weisz lived separately from her director husband Darren Aronofsky when they worked together on new film The Fountain

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“When I face the red carpet before a premiere, I am terrified by the wall of photographers screaming my name. It is so violent. When I first went to Hollywood, I remember working for two years in a bar. I was happy when all I had to worry about was the labels on the bottles.”
Renee Zellweger is terrified of the attention that fame brings her

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