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Thursday: ‘Lipstick Jungle’

[IMG:L]Lipstick Jungle — 10:01/9:01c on NBC

ABC’s Cashmere Mafia had a very solid one-month run atop the Next Sex and the City leader board, but in steps NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, premiering tonight.

See, these two series aren’t just any old fem-dramedies vying for your wife/girlfriend’s viewership in the post-Sex and the City TV landscape; they both have major ties to HBO’s beloved show–well, one connection apiece: Cashmere boasts Darren Star, producer of SATC, while Lipstick can exploit the line “From the creator of Sex and the City” on every single promo because, well, it’s true.

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Candace Bushnell, whose column was the basis for Sex and the City, makes her official TV return tonight in precisely the same capacity that turned her–or at least her work–into a household name in the late 1990s.

The premise is eerily similar to that of Sex, with the exception of a trio of females comprising this show’s NYC clique where SATC‘s had four members.

Those three women–played by Brooke ShieldsKim Raver (24) and Lindsay Price (Pepper Dennis, Coupling)–juggle work, friendship and relationships (read: network TV’s version of “sex”) in the big city. Their names? Wendy (Shields), Nico (Raver), and…wait for it…Victory (Price)!

In tonight’s pilot episode, film exec Wendy tries to balance a big business transaction with her son’s admission into a private school, while Nico and Victory struggle with an affair and a fashion show, respectively.

Don’t expect this show to work as well as it could have on HBO, but it should be enough to tide the ladies over until the Sex and the City movie hits theaters in May.

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