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Wednesday: ‘Lost’

[IMG:L]Lost — 9/8c on ABC

Are you really ready for tomorrow’s (extremely belated) season premiere of Lost? I mean really ready?

Before all you Lost diehards roll your eyes in an “of course we’re ready” gesture, you should realize it’s been almost a full year since J.J. Abrams’ hugely popular show aired a new episode.

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Your weary minds have digested a LOT of movies and TV shows in that span, and that doesn’t even include all the celeb news that passed through, albeit quickly.

Which is precisely why everyone should be playing it safe tonight and refreshing their overloaded memories on just what the hell went down in last season’s finale. Because it was quite a bit.

And not only is tonight’s Lost a mandatory refresher for all fans, but it’s also an “enhanced version,” with elaborations on the show’s secrets–which will invariably lead to more confusion. In other words, you’ll be on a deserted island of your own after tonight, and your only salvation will be tomorrow’s fourth-season premiere!

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